Lauriermax Birch cabinetry with Renoir + inset door style
Olive Fog color with wipeoff, forest marks, stone marks and desert ruboff matte finish

John Boos Walnut Gathering Block
and Walnut butcherblock countertops

Stone Impressions tile backsplash
with American Country collection using 6x6 herb tiles on Bottocino
with mineral wash accents
Botticino 4x4 field tile


Lauriermax Cherry cabinetry with Alexander 1" thick door style
Cigar color with matte finish

Stone Impressions tile backsplash
with the Wine Collection mural
on Durango
Bellini Deco strips and Durango field tile

Lauriermax Bamboo side press cabinetry with Mondrian slab door style in natural matte finish
Includes the new stainless tambour door display case

Caesarstone Absolute Noir countertop and full backsplash

Lauriermax Cherry Cabinetry
with Mondrian slab and Aluminium door with White Etched glass door styles
High Gloss Truffle Polyurethane finish

Stainless custom countertop by
Colorado Custom Stainless

Wall cabinetry
Lauriermax Maple cabinetry with Renoir door style, Mysteryrub-off matte finish and Enkeboll accents

Stone Impressions backsplash tile with Kuprios and Bramante series murals

Caesarstone Lagos Azul countertop

Lauriermax Maple cabinetry with Riopelle door style and turnposts with Custom brushing & wipeoff matte finish

Spekva Wenge Island worktop

Lauriermax Exotic Zebrano wood cabinetry Toledo door styles wrapped in stainless steel

Lauriermax Red Oak straight grain panels in Chocolate matte finish

Caesarstone Expresso countertop

Lauriermax Maple cabinetry
British Empire London Fog matte finish
Renoir beaded inset door style
Wrought iron hinges
Lauriermax Maple cabinetry
British Empire Nottingham matte finish
Matisse door style

Lauriermax Cherry cabinetry with Saffon medium finish
Lorenzo door style

Photography by Michael Hefferon